Egypt Visa and eVisa Requirements

Egypt Visa Requirements

Planning on visiting Egypt? Before you make travel plans, we recommend checking to see whether you qualify for an e-visa or a visa on arrival.

Currently, citizens from 85 countries around the world are eligible for an electronic visa and even more are eligible for visa on arrival in Egypt.

Learn more about the different types of visas available in Egypt and decide whether you prefer to plan ahead and purchase an eVisa or simply obtain your visa on arrival.

Types of Visas

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides tourism visas, which can be single-entry or multiple-entry, and also offers e-visa services to citizens of many countries.

1. Tourism Visa:

The Tourism Visa for Egypt includes different visas for people visiting for tourism.

Tourist Visa: For general tourism purposes.

Visa Types: Single entry visa and Multiple entry visa.

Visa Fee: $25 (Single-entry) and $60 (Multiple-entry).

Entry Requirements

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from arrival date.
  • e-Visa printout
  • Travel itinerary
  • Supporting letter e.g. letter from the company or invitation letter for business/family visits.
  • Hotel bookings/details about places to visit if going as a tourist.

Egypt eVisa

A foreign national intending to enter the Arab Republic of Egypt generally must first obtain an e-visa via the Egypt e-visa Portal (official website).

Nationals from the countries listed below can obtain an e-Visa by applying through the Egypt e-Visa Portal.

Country:Type of Visa:
AlbaniaSingle or Multiple Entry
ArgentinaSingle or Multiple Entry
ArmeniaSingle or Multiple Entry
AustraliaSingle or Multiple Entry
AustriaSingle or Multiple Entry
BelgiumSingle or Multiple Entry
BoliviaSingle or Multiple Entry
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSingle or Multiple Entry
BrazilSingle or Multiple Entry
BulgariaSingle or Multiple Entry
ChileSingle or Multiple Entry
ChinaSingle or Multiple Entry
China/Hong KongSingle or Multiple Entry
China/TaiwanSingle or Multiple Entry
ColombiaSingle or Multiple Entry
CroatiaSingle or Multiple Entry
CyprusSingle or Multiple Entry
CzechSingle or Multiple Entry
DenmarkSingle or Multiple Entry
EcuadorSingle or Multiple Entry
EstoniaSingle or Multiple Entry
FinlandSingle or Multiple Entry
FranceSingle or Multiple Entry
GeorgiaSingle or Multiple Entry
GermanySingle or Multiple Entry
GreeceSingle or Multiple Entry
IraqSingle or Multiple Entry
IrelandSingle or Multiple Entry
ItalySingle or Multiple Entry
JapanSingle or Multiple Entry
KazakhstanSingle or Multiple Entry
Korea (South)Single or Multiple Entry
KuwaitSingle or Multiple Entry
LatviaSingle or Multiple Entry
LithuaniaSingle or Multiple Entry
LuxembourgSingle or Multiple Entry
MacedoniaSingle or Multiple Entry
MalaysiaSingle or Multiple Entry
MaltaSingle or Multiple Entry
MexicoSingle or Multiple Entry
MoldovaSingle or Multiple Entry
MonacoSingle or Multiple Entry
MontenegroSingle or Multiple Entry
NetherlandsSingle or Multiple Entry
New ZealandSingle or Multiple Entry
NorwaySingle or Multiple Entry
OmanSingle or Multiple Entry
ParaguaySingle or Multiple Entry
PeruSingle or Multiple Entry
PolandSingle or Multiple Entry
PortugalSingle or Multiple Entry
QatarSingle or Multiple Entry
Republic of KosovoSingle or Multiple Entry
RomaniaSingle or Multiple Entry
Russian FederationSingle or Multiple Entry
San MarinoSingle or Multiple Entry
Saudi ArabiaSingle or Multiple Entry
SerbiaSingle or Multiple Entry
SingaporeSingle or Multiple Entry
SlovakiaSingle or Multiple Entry
SloveniaSingle or Multiple Entry
South AfricaSingle or Multiple Entry
SpainSingle or Multiple Entry
SwedenSingle or Multiple Entry
SwitzerlandSingle or Multiple Entry
UkraineSingle or Multiple Entry
United Arab EmiratesSingle or Multiple Entry
United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)Single or Multiple Entry
United States of AmericaSingle or Multiple Entry
UruguaySingle or Multiple Entry
VaticanSingle or Multiple Entry
VenezuelaSingle or Multiple Entry

IMPORTANT: There is only ONE official website for the Egypt e-Visa — Egypt Electronic Visa Application System and the application process can be completed in a few simple steps. Please be aware that there are a variety of companies that offer “visa assistance” services to travelers planning their trips to Egypt. Many of these websites are scams so it’s important to always use the official government website linked above.

Egypt Visa On Arrival

The following countries listed below are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival upon landing in Egypt.

Country:Length of Stay:
Albania30 days
Andorra30 days
Antigua & Barbuda30 days
Argentina30 days
Armenia30 days
Australia30 days
Azerbaijan30 days
Bahamas30 days
Barbados30 days
Belarus30 days
Belize30 days
Benin30 days
Bhutan30 days
Bolivia30 days
Brazil30 days
Brunei30 days
Cambodia30 days
Chile30 days
China30 days
Colombia30 days
Costa Rica30 days
Cuba30 days
Dominica30 days
Dominican Republic30 days
Ecuador30 days
El Salvador30 days
Fiji30 days
Georgia30 days
Grenada30 days
Guatemala30 days
Guinea30 days
Guyana30 days
Haiti30 days
Honduras30 days
Iceland30 days
Jamaica30 days
Japan30 days
Jordan30 days
Kazakhstan30 days
Kiribati30 days
Laos30 days
Liechtenstein30 days
Malaysia15 days
Maldives30 days
Marshall Islands30 days
Mexico30 days
Micronesia30 days
Monaco30 days
Mongolia30 days
Montenegro30 days
Nauru30 days
Nepal30 days
New Zealand30 days
Nicaragua30 days
North Korea30 days
North Macedonia30 days
Norway30 days
Palau30 days
Panama30 days
Papua New Guinea30 days
Paraguay30 days
Peru30 days
Russia30 days
Saint Lucia30 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines30 days
Samoa30 days
San Marino30 days
São Tomé and Principe30 days
Saudi Arabia30 days
Serbia30 days
Seychelles30 days
Singapore30 days
Solomon Islands30 days
South Africa30 days
South Korea30 days
South Sudan30 days
Suriname30 days
Taiwan30 days
Timor-Leste30 days
Tonga30 days
Trinidad and Tobago30 days
Turkey30 days
Tuvalu30 days
Ukraine30 days
United Kingdom30 days
United States30 days
Uruguay30 days
Vanuatu30 days
Vatican City30 days
Venezuela30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some commonly asked questions about Egypt visa, including the application process, visa fee, and how to obtain it.

Do I need a visa to go to Egypt?

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Egypt, but citizens of many countries can apply for an e-visa in advance, as mentioned above or obtain their visas on arrival.

Which countries do not require a visa to travel to Egypt?

Visa exemptions allow all nationals of the following countries to visit Egypt without a visa for varied lengths of time as shown in the table below.

Country:Length of Stay:
Hong Kong90 days
Jordan90 days
Macao90 days
Bahrain180 days
Kuwait180 days
Oman180 days
Saudi Arabia180 days
United Arab Emirates180 days

What documents are required for a visa in Egypt?

To apply for a visa to Egypt, you’ll need a completed application form with a recent passport photo, a valid passport with two copies of the information page, and payment via Cashier’s Check for mailed applications. For more details, check the official website for visa requirements.

How much does theEgyptian Visa cost?

A single-entry visa to Egypt costs $25 while a multiple-entry visa costs $60.